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    21 Gifts From Small Businesses To Give In 2020

    There's everything from fashion to food and homeware!

    1. This classic book and hot drink gift set from Bookishly will fit through their letterbox! The giftee will get a classic book of your choosing (though you can also opt for it to be a surprise) in a gorgeous exclusive dust jacket, as well as a tasty tea or coffee.

    2. This massive selection of pale ales from Flavourly will be a real treat for the craft beer lover in your life. It's also worth way more than what you'll pay for it!

    3. This slogan tee from Joanie has big "roller disco" vibes and is perfect for everyone from your niece to your bestie.

    4. And this stunning astrological print dress will make their at-home NYE still feel like an ~occasion~.

    5. This personalised AirPods case from Lisa Angel is the perfect mix of low-effort and thoughtful.

    6. Love The Planet specialise in eco-friendly beauty, and this set of reusable muslin cleansing pads from them is perfect for your pal who's trying to cut down on their waste.

    7. And for the friend who loves makeup, may I suggest this trio of vegan-friendly mineral eyeshadows in warm neutral tones?

    8. Show your fave bookworm you love them with this leather heart-shaped bookmark from Hurley Burley that can be personalised with their initials!

    9. If they like crafting and plants, this macrame plant hanger kit from Posh Totty Designs will be right up their street.

    10. Your teetotal friends can still enjoy a fancy drink thanks to this non-alcoholic, gently-spiced American malt from Lyre's!

    11. Or if they prefer something with a lighter flavour, there's this booze-free Amaretti.

    12. For that person you can't give an actual hug to this Christmas, this candle from Kindred Fires will let them know you're thinking of them. The candle can be personalised with a message and comes in scents including candied pumpkin and orange and cinnamon!

    13. And this candle from Happy Place Things looks like a cactus and comes in a cute lil' concrete rabbit-shaped planter – it's the perfect stocking filler!

    14. Your dad will probably love these incredibly realistic-looking toolbox chocolates from The Amazing Chocolate Workshop.

    15. Treat someone special to these bath melts by Boo Betsy Co. They're all made with essential oils and come in a range of fragrances including orange and jasmine.

    16. They'll think of you every time they have a cuppa in this mug from Old English Co.!

    17. If they've got a sweet tooth, there's no better gift than this box of handmade fudge from Flo and Frankie's Fudge. Flavours inside include Oreo and salted caramel (yum).

    18. They can spruce up their living room with this stunning yet understated print from Peardrop Prints.

    19. If they've really gotten into yoga during lockdown, this cosy Joanie sweatshirt will go down a treat.

    20. For a gift that feels fancy but won't break the bank, may I suggest these merino wool socks from Robert's Rugs?

    21. And finally, get them this fun sweatshirt from Batch1 that probably sums up their whole 2020 mood.