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    27 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts To Give Your Dad In 2020

    Presents for every kind of dad.

    FYI — stock may change quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately

    1. They can make their own cured bacon with this highly-rated, award-winning kit – all they'll need to add is some pork!

    2. If they fall into the "love it" camp when it comes to Marmite, you can gift them this personalised jar of the stuff!

    3. Even dads who seem to have everything probably won't already own this genius smartphone holder (and once they do, they'll use it all the time).

    4. This mixed case of craft beers contains 20 cans in a variety of equally delicious flavours, including a citrusy lime one and a refreshing ale that's full of passion fruit, orange, and guava.

    5. This pack of cards will teach them swear words from around the world, so they can (sort of) brush up on their foreign language skills during lockdown.

    6. This personalised chopping board has – rather fittingly – a dad joke on it.

    7. These wireless headphones are a high-quality tech gift at a surprisingly low price.

    8. The joy of buying a Toblerone from duty-free is but a dream at the moment, but your dad can still enjoy this personalised bar that they won't want to share.

    9. If whiskey is their tipple of choice, they might like these gummies that contain half a measure of the stuff in each sweet.

    10. This grooming gift set by ManCave has a pretty astounding 4.8-star average rating, and contains all the shower, skincare, and hair essentials they could need.

    11. If your dad's a bit of a coffee snob and not ashamed to admit it, they'll probably appreciate this three-month Coffee Club subscription that'll send them the freshest, finest coffees from around the world.

    12. There's plenty of beer brewing kits out there, but this kit will let them actually grow their own hop plant to make craft beer with.

    13. Can your dad never settle on a film to watch? This scratch-off poster featuring 100 movies across different genres should inspire him!

    14. Dads who consider themselves whisky connoisseurs won't find a fault with this 4.6-star rated set of Scotland's finest malts.

    15. Treat them to this delicious food and drink hamper that's the perfect combination of sweet, savoury, spicy, and boozy.

    16. They can geek out and while away some time with this 500-piece NASA puzzle.

    17. For dads with a sweet tooth, this massive Cadbury chocolate hamper will go down a treat.

    18. This lightsaber pizza cutter (that also makes sounds!) is perfect for dads who can't get enough of Star Wars.

    19. Dads who love DIY will *also* love this personalised wooden hammer.

    20. This old-school six-in-one box of games will keep them entertained when they need a break from rewatching box sets.

    21. This aesthetically-pleasing pasta maker is perfect for foodie dads who want to up their cooking game.

    22. Even hard-to-buy-for dads will want to tuck into this Father's Day H-box selection from Hotel Chocolat .

    23. This pint glass can be personalised with a year, name, and message of your choice, and on top of all that it's somehow under a tenner!

    24. For a unique gift that they'll definitely get some use out of, you can't go far wrong with this bottle opener that can be customised with their name.

    25. Are they pretty sure they'd bring home the money if they went on Catchphrase? This card game based on the TV show will put them to the test.

    26. Dads who love nature will get a kick out of this insect hotel that'll welcome bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and more into their garden.

    27. This Braun ProSkin shaver delivers a close and comfortable shave for dads who have decided that growing a lockdown beard isn't for them.