19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Love Stationery

    When you find that one pen that makes your handwriting perfect.

    1. When you have a new, untainted notebook.

    2. And use your best handwriting for that first clean page.

    3. When your set of pens are all perfectly arranged by colour.

    4. When the pages of your notebook are thick enough so this calamity doesn't happen.

    I love when my pen bleeds through my paper 😑😒😡

    5. When you find a pen that makes your handwriting look the neatest it's ever looked.

    6. When you run a highlighter over fresh ink but it doesn't make the nib go all dark.

    7. When the new year starts so you get to buy a new planner.

    8. When you buy a pencil case and get to transfer all your writing tools to their new home.

    9. When a new stationery range comes out.

    10. So you go ahead and buy all of it.

    11. When you change the cartridge in your fountain pen and the ink flows with such ease.

    12. When all your pencils are sharp.

    13. And when the shavings curl around perfectly.

    14. When an eraser is all smooth and unused.

    15. When you get to organise your new folder with fancy dividers.

    16. When you treat yourself to premium stationery, where the pen feels weighty and the paper is thick and glossy.

    17. When you find an excuse to use your less ~everyday~ items, like washi tape.

    18. When you discover a new stationery shop to become obsessed with.

    19. And when someone actually returns the pen you lent them.