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19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Love Stationery

When you find that one pen that makes your handwriting perfect.

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1. When you have a new, untainted notebook.

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4. When the pages of your notebook are thick enough so this calamity doesn't happen.

I love when my pen bleeds through my paper 😑😒😡


8. When you buy a pencil case and get to transfer all your writing tools to their new home.

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9. When a new stationery range comes out.

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10. So you go ahead and buy all of it.

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14. When an eraser is all smooth and unused.

15. When you get to organise your new folder with fancy dividers.

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16. When you treat yourself to premium stationery, where the pen feels weighty and the paper is thick and glossy.

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18. When you discover a new stationery shop to become obsessed with.

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