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21 Christmas Products That Went Way, Way Too Far

Get into the spirit by buying a box of reindeer shit.

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1. This bleach, to add a festive gravitas to your toilet-cleaning experience.

Since when did bleach get festive?

2. And to accompany it, this loo roll.

FFS @waitrose there's nothing festive about bleach or loo roll, and that's fine. Stop it #Christmas #marketing #fail


5. There’s this “festive recipe” curry sauce if roast dinners aren’t your thing.

Tis the season to be jolly! #tesco #pataks #turkey #curry #christmas

6. Or you could try this intriguing mashup.

You know Christmas is coming when Tesco starts selling these! #Christmastortillas

7. This could be so wrong or so very, very right.

The fact these are back on the shelves makes me so happy @Pringles 🎄 🎅 🍪 #pigsinblankets #Christmas #crisps #foodie


9. You can now get that sweet smell of Christmas in your washing up liquid.

@hurstyandhelen I've got the washing up liquid too! #christmas


21. Although to be fair, this one actually seems completely necessary.

Worried your cat will feel left out and not know how many days left till Christmas? Fear not tesco is selling these!

Cats love advent calendars.