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    18 Jokes That Will Make Every Former Emo Kid Laugh

    The hills are alive with the sound of emo.

    1. This accurate depiction of singing "Sugar We're Going Down":

    2. This accurate representation of you trying to move on from your emo past:

    3. This insistence we all made about our hair:

    4. This angsty reworking of "Bring Me to Life":

    5. This painful reminder of what Myspace usernames were like:

    6. This excellent reaction face:

    7. This pun that uses not one but two bands from the emo holy trinity.

    8. And this one that never gets old:

    9. This important lesson:

    10. This shocking throwback:

    11. This summary of MCR's career:

    12. This eerie Fall Out Boy similarity:

    13. And this one too:

    Why are Fall Out Boy videos and episodes of Spongebob Squarepants so similar?

    14. This excellent Photoshop work:

    15. This aesthetic every emo in 2007 tried to emulate:

    16. This very real problem when you went shopping with your friends:

    17. This sadness we've all felt deeply:

    18. And finally, this unexpected emo crossover:

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