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    19 Times Wales Completely Outdid The Rest Of The UK

    Tbh, we should all go there right now in a minute.

    1. When this crime made local news.

    2. When this tribute was paid to a Welsh national treasure.

    3. And when a train was named after Sir Tom Jones.

    4. When they pointed you in the direction of extraterrestrials.

    5. And even better, sheep.

    6. When even the graffiti was polite.

    7. When this newsagent offered a wide variety of services:

    8. When this headline happened.

    9. When they didn't give a fuck about you getting lost.

    10. When they had their priorities in order.

    11. When they knew your very specific shopping needs.

    12. When they threw the rules of food right out of the window.

    13. When there was this important reminder.

    14. When they had the best way of paying tribute to a dead fictional character.

    15. When you were made to feel better about wanting a bag of chips.

    16. When this translation was provided.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    17. When a store made this excellent typo.

    18. When there was a poetic solution for cleaning up dog shit.

    19. And when trains were delayed for a much better reason than "signal failure".

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