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25 Times Chrissy Teigen Completely Owned Twitter In 2015

"I'm on hour two of looking at videos of cyber goths dancing in broad daylight".

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1. When she gave us the story of the night she met her husband.

Every time someone asks john for a selfie and says "I never do this" I think back to the night we met when I said it but not about selfies

2. When she summed up why we all actually love "Hotline Bling".

I like hotline bling because it's great and I don't have to google what it's about

3. When she shared your polite person struggles.

I am horrifically ballsy in every way except telling a waiter they got my order wrong

4. When she tapped into a very specific fashion issue.

drop crotch pants are never low on me. does this mean I have a dropped crotch


5. When she shared your love of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

my bravo reality show would literally be me watching bravo

6. When she explained why any time has the potential to be pizza time.

I have come to realize that at some point in the day, I will order and consume a pizza so it might as well be in the morning

7. When she gave this insight into what life with John Legend is like.

i woke up and thought john went the gym but nope. china.

8. When she had this reaction to the super moon.

I am so lazy I thought about looking at the super moon and decided 2033 isn't even that far away


9. When she described all of our Sundays.

i have not had a sunday this lazy in a long, long time. my body has become the same texture and temperature as this couch. we are one.

10. When she gave this shout-out to some very keen fans.

i always come home to 50 wedding invitations from strangers. u guys are kind of crazy but i'll have the chicken i guess

11. When she made you feel less bad about your television-watching habits.

japanese anime porn documentary on HBO. it's not creepy to watch because of the word "documentary" is what I am telling myself right now

12. When she asked this very pressing question.


13. When she called out those Instagram commenters.

My favorite thing is when people give @therock advice about his workouts on instagram as if it's just not working for him

14. When she had this terrifying makeup fail.

just tried to take my fake eyelashes off but they were my real eyelashes needless to say i now have no eyelashes

15. When she understood that winter is the worst.

The 30 seconds of cold skin and hair post-shower...not worth it to me anymore. I no longer wish to shower again.

16. When she revealed how she spends her time on the internet.

I'm on hour 2 of looking at videos of cyber goths dancing in broad daylight


17. When she showed that life as a model isn't all glamorous.

Big shoot today. Really had to take my time shaving.

18. When she gave zero fucks about people's comments on her appearance.

everyone thinks i'm super botox'ed. Haven't done it but now i am scared of how extremely uber super duper botox'ed i will look when i do it.

19. When she even went as far as to see the bright side of shitty remarks.

I like being called butterface because it implies I have a dope body

20. And when she gave this excellent clapback.

It's not my fault your kids are up at 11, give them some warm milk. RT @MIKE_and_IKE_ you should not be on this show my kids are watching


21. When she gave you relationship goals.

i'm trying to photoshop john's head onto zayn's body in a 1D group shot. i have the saddest life

22. When she empathised with your hatred of talking to people.

Just a heads up that headphones are apparently no longer the international sign for "I do not want to talk"

23. When she dropped this fire pun.

if youre reading this its too late for apostrophes

24. When she gave her take on millennial problems.

Shut up about uber. When I was young, if you hated a business model you stopped using it and you walked 10 miles in the snow, naked.

25. And finally, when she proved that dreams can come true.