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11 Charts About Tea That British People Will Understand Instantly

The less time someone brews tea, the less you trust them.

1. Nothing is as disheartening as getting a tea this colour.

2. And nothing low-key repulses you like seeing milk being put in first.

3. Except for the sight of tea being heated in the microwave.

4. At least you know that there are some people who you can trust with your tea needs.

5. Seriously, they're the best people.

6. "Shall I put the kettle on?" is music to your ears as long as you're not the one saying it.

7. You have the whole biscuit dunking thing down to a fine art.

8. Which is why tampering with your tried and tested method makes you feel all wrong.

9. A few hours without tea feels like an actual lifetime.

10. This devastating occurrence has ruined many of your mornings.

11. But you know that this tragedy is bad enough to ruin your whole week.