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    12 Charts Everyone With Long Hair Will Instantly Understand

    Drying your hair literally takes up an entire evening.

    1. Your shower gets pretty gross unless you collect all the hair that falls out.

    2. And your shower isn't the only place you have to collect hair from.

    3. Having long, thick hair on your scalp tends to mean long, thick hair elsewhere.

    4. Nothing puts the fear in you like feeling your hair get sucked up by the back bit of the hairdryer.

    5. You know that having long, lustrous hair doesn't come cheap.

    6. And wearing your hair down often feels like more hassle than it's worth.

    7. Your loved ones know better than to try to see you on the evenings you dedicate to your hair.

    8. Seriously, drying your hair brings out the worst in you.

    9. But there are some definite advantages.

    10. You know that there is an optimum time to bring out the hairdryer, and any sooner or later would result in disaster.

    11. You sometimes forget what your floor looks like underneath all that hair you shed.

    12. And no matter how much it annoys you, you know you probably can't ever bear to part with even a few inches of it.