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22 Things You'll Just Get If Your Body Hair Has No Chill

Knuckle hair on fleek.

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3. Sometimes your eyebrows grow upwards, and the line between brows and baby hairs becomes really, really blurred.

Who needs bangs when you can just grow your eyebrows up to your hairline?


5. When you go to get your eyebrows done, they ask if you want your upper lip done.

the next time i get my eyebrows threaded & the lady asks if i want my upper lip done too imma just b like "no thx i'm trying 2 grow a beard"

6. Or your chin. Or just everything.

I never realize how hairy my face is till I get my upper lip waxed and the woman says "sideburns? Chin? Whole face?" πŸ‘¨πŸΎπŸ˜’

8. You know the struggles of getting through razors quickly because your hair makes them blunt AF.

my legs were so hairy I just made two razors blunt whilst shaving lel


10. Often with those weird two hairs coming out of the same follicle.

When two or three leg hairs grow out of the same place like get your own pore

11. Sometimes just to fuck with you, they grow inwards.

I've had an ingrown hair in my leg for 6+ months now. I finally got it out. Now I'm left with a hole in my leg.

12. So you end up having to exfoliate constantly in the hopes this will stop the little buggers.

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13. One rogue hair will repeatedly appear somewhere, and be real fucking long.

I found like that one long hair you get once in a while and it's really awkward now what do I do

16. And you're always shocked when you get out and realise just how much you shaved.

When u shave ur legs in the bath and then drain the water and see all the hair on the bottom HAHAHAH


18. To try to avoid this, you end up contorting yourself in the manner of a skilled yoga instructor.

fs wis shaving in the shower dain gymnastics n my hip popped out hahaha, that wisny in the routine

21. Your hair doesn't limit itself to legs, armpits, and pubes.

Knuckle hair on FLEEK πŸ’πŸ½