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    18 Calligraphy Pictures That Are So Beautiful You'll Want To Cry A Little Bit

    It's a damn art form.

    1. Okay I'm sorry but how is this even possible?

    2. I mean seriously.

    3. Like, the fact this isn't just a font is inexplicable.

    4. This is just absolutely flawless.

    5. Those loops though.

    6. Tbh this person could very well be talking about their calligraphy.

    7. This is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing pages someone could wish to see.

    8. Everyone's name should be written this beautifully.

    9. Look at these fancy-ass letters.

    10. Who knew a picture of the alphabet could be so damn satisfying?

    11. This just evokes so many ~feelings~.

    12. I could look at this all day long tbh.

    13. It looks just as astonishing when done in red.

    14. Or even better, rainbow.

    15. All of me loves all of you too, calligraphy 💕.

    16. This is probably the nicest shopping list ever.

    17. And watching the process of it being written is just too damn good. I can't.

    18. Seriously, I'm out.