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    22 Pictures That Show The Difference Between British Food On Instagram And British Food In Real Life

    Is bread and butter pudding ever as beautiful IRL?

    1. Toad in the hole on Instagram:

    Toad in the hole in real life:

    2. Beef Wellington on Instagram:

    Beef Wellington in real life:

    3. Trifle on Instagram:

    Trifle in real life:

    4. A fry-up on Instagram.

    A fry-up in real life:

    5. Cottage pie on Instagram:

    Cottage pie in real life:

    6. Victoria sponge on Instagram:

    7. Victoria sponge in real life:

    8. Banoffee pie on Instagram:

    Banoffee pie in real life:

    9. Bread and butter pudding on Instagram:

    Bread and butter pudding in real life:

    10. Crumpets on Instagram:

    Crumpets in real life:

    11. Mince pies on Instagram:

    Mince pies in real life:

    12. Scotch eggs on Instagram:

    Scotch eggs in real life:

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