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    19 British Facts That Are Completely And Utterly True

    At any given moment, Come Dine With Me is on TV.

    1. Reading through the Argos catalogue is a legitimate pastime when you're a kid.

    2. At some point you will procure a collection of Gü ramekins.

    3. Every home has one of these.

    4. Anyone who makes your tea like this isn't to be trusted.

    5. And neither is anyone who has no gravy at all on their roast.

    6. Despite basically being the same thing, the second one is so much better.

    7. Using a bag for life as a bin bag is just absolutely heinous.

    8. Whenever it's hot, newspapers will point out which countries we're hotter than.

    9. When you choose to do something outdoors on a summer's day, it will rain.

    10. Chip-shop chips always taste better when they're wrapped in newspaper.

    11. This picture is obscene.

    12. You will likely go on a date here at some point.

    13. And you will fear this happening whenever you go there.

    14. The John Lewis advert is the true sign that you can start getting excited about Christmas.

    15. At any given moment in time, a sofa sale is probably happening.

    16. Paying for a bus ticket with a note bigger than a fiver makes you feel awful, mostly because you're made to feel awful.

    17. So you will at some point try to buy chewing gum to break a £20 note and then feel like a dick for doing that.

    18. Despite it seemingly having been on TV for 1,000 years, you know nobody who is a fan of Doctors.

    19. And if you can't find anything to watch on TV, you can rely on Come Dine With Me to almost definitely be on.