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18 Extra AF People Who Are Literally You And Your Best Friend

We all need friends like these.

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1. This friend who went the extra mile.

My bff made a dick out of socks n pretended to be a boy so I could piss off a boy on snap, true friendship 🤘🏽

2. This friend who just wanted to be supportive.

when your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well

3. This BFF who was really, really considerate.

My best friend stayed up and packed my things for my trip bc I was too tired last night and fell asleep. I woke up…

4. And this one who was basically a photographic wizard.

5. This friend who understood the importance of memes.

My friend is away at boot camp and can't use her phone, so I'm sending here memes. She is missing much tbh

6. This friend who travelled just to give a hug.

7. This friend who stepped up to the plate in an...unusual scenario.

man added his friend for "moral support" i'm so ?????

8. These friends who were fully prepared for any makeup mishaps.

I'm hella dead lol. We got females helping fix eye lashes and then one is just hella smacked. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

9. These friends who got that lighting makes a big impact.

the team helped me out with good lighting to take a nice pic of me eating pizza

10. And this friend who braved a new style.

My friend needed sweatpants in order to go in her lab and take a quiz so I'm just chilling in the restroom for 50 m…

11. This guy who couldn't let his friend suffer with dry cereal.

12. These friends who banded together to help a BFF out.

Today, our friend ayman got robbed/beat up, they took everything he had including his car, wallet, and his phone. T…

13. This friend, and super thoughtful mum, who wanted to make a break-up feel a little more bearable.

My mom and I made a Break up kit for a friend and I love it ✨💘

14. And this friend who we all need after a breakup.

am the best friend u wish u had x

15. This friend who takes food to new levels.

Bae and friends asked for hotdogs😂😂 I don't cook hot dogs FOH! BBQ Ribs, Baked Mac, Fried Cabbage, and Homemade Bis…

16. These friends who had some really nice words.

Had a rough few weeks and my friends gave me this. This is by far the nicest thing anyone has done for me😭…

17. These BFFs who celebrated a snap streak in the most amazingly OTT way.


18. And finally, this group of friends who threw the most wholesome birthday ever.