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    17 Things You'll Understand If You And Your Best Friend Are Makeup Addicts

    You will never judge each other for buying too much makeup.

    1. You get the best birthday presents from each other.

    2. And are always recommending products.

    3. You can rely on each other for objective truth when it comes to how your makeup looks.

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    4. You would never rush each other in Sephora, because it's impossible for either of you to get bored there.

    5. You don't get annoyed if one of you is late because your makeup won't go right.

    Warner Brothers

    6. You trust each other to do your makeup and not mess it up.

    7. You're constantly showing each other your makeup handiwork.

    When you and your best friend are obsessed with makeup hehe @mariedrian πŸ˜πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸ’–

    8. When you merge your makeup collections to get ready for a night out, it's pretty impressive.

    9. You bond over watching tutorials together.

    If watching makeup tutorials together on FaceTime isn't best friend goals then i don't know what is

    10. And you would go to each other for makeup advice before anyone else.

    11. Makeup might even have been one of the things that started your friendship.

    12. You absolutely encourage each other's makeup addictions.

    13. Even when you both worry you spent a little bit too much.


    14. You're always sympathetic to each other's makeup tragedies.

    15. You've stopped one another from crying by saying "you'll ruin your perfect makeup".


    16. You always notice when each other's makeup looks especially amazing, even if to an untrained eye it looks the same as usual.


    "I see your eyeliner wings are at a higher angle today, I LOVE IT".

    17. And neither of you see an end to your shared makeup addiction.

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