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    15 Affordable Beauty Buys From Amazon's Own Brand That Are Seriously Highly Rated

    Look expensive on a budget.

    1. This eyeliner and volumising mascara set will perfectly define your eyes and still cost you less than a tenner.

    2. This blush and bronzer duo has been reviewed over 230 times and has a pretty impressive 4.4-star average.

    3. These brushes will cover your everyday makeup look with ease, and did I mention that 82% of reviewers gave them five stars?

    4. This 4.5-star rated cleansing foam is perfect for dry and sensitive skin thanks to the aloe vera it contains.

    5. If you prefer a non-foaming cleanser, how about this nourishing cleansing milk?

    6. This nude eyeshadow quad will help you to create the perfect understated eye look for the daytime, and a ~going out~ look for the evenings too.

    7. Some toners can be pretty rough on the skin, but this one is super gentle and contains almond blossom extract, which soothes and moisturises.

    8. These contouring sticks will give you ~definition~ and seriously glowing skin at the same time.

    9. This lip kit includes a liner and gloss that deliver a perfect shiny pout without the annoying stickiness that lipgloss can cause.

    10. This trio of eyeshadows will cost you less than a pound each, but you'll get some seriously expensive-looking results after using them.

    11. This berry-coloured matte lipstick lasts for up to 12 HOURS and you get an accompanying gloss for if you want to amp up the look even more.

    12. This eyeshadow palette contains ten pigmented shades that, once applied, look way more expensive than they actually are.

    13. This pair of lip crayons are bold enough to brighten up your look even on grey, rainy days (i.e. pretty much every day in Britain).

    14. This trio of makeup brushes will perfect your lashes, brows, and liner.

    15. Pop some of this micellar water on a cotton round, wipe it across your face, and voila! You'll get off your eyeliner without having to vigorously rub at your eyes.