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10 Visual Effects Facts From These Box Office Hits You Probably Didn't Know

Like what you see? Find out more about the incredible visual effects used in films at this year’s BFX Festival.

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Production of Jupiter Ascending saw a mutli-cam array dubbed ‘panocam’ come to life. This features a set of six RED EPIC cameras stacked in two tiers of three and offers a chance to shoot panoramic plates that could then be stitched together.


Visual effects account for more than 400 scenes in this Warner Brothers blockbuster, including the film’s fiery finale in a flooded, fully CG Paris which required large-scale environment work and impressive simulators.

AVATAR (2009) / Via

For Avatar, James Cameron teamed up with Sony to pioneer a specially designed camera system, called the 'holy grail', which used lightweight, dual-lens and hi-definition digital imaging to create really advanced 3-D images.

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