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    Game Of Thrones S6 Finale Summed Up By the IT Crowd

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night? *contains spoilers*

    The episode starts on the day of Cersei's trial. But she had other things planned

    Margaery realises something is amiss when Cersei doesn't turn up and tries to leave the Sept. But the High Sparrow won't get the hell out of the way.

    On his way to the trial, Lancel gets suspicious when he sees one of Qyburn's "Little Bird" spies and chases him down to the dungeons below the Sept. He discovers Cersei's plan - Wildfire.

    But it was too late, and the resulting Wildfire explosions saw the death of Margaery, Loras and everyone else in a 100 mile radius. Cersei is happy.

    After seeing his city burn and his wife explode, Tommen decided to opt out too.

    So that meant that fire bug Cersei became Queen Cersei.

    Meanwhile at the Twins, Arya turned up and scared the crap out of Walder Frey

    And proceeded to tick him off her Death List and avenge her mother and brother.

    Somewhere in the Citadell, Samwell went to a giant library

    That pretty much concluded his contribution to the episode...

    Meanwhile Bran was given a lift by his Uncle Benjen who suddenly had better things to do so thought it best to dump two children alone in a forest

    So Bran went and touched a nearby tree prompting a flashback. During said flashback, Ned Stark rushes to his sister Lyanna's bedside where she lays dying and cradling a newborn baby. A fade out from baby's eyes reveal the newborn to be *drum roll* Jon Snow.

    Grown up Jon Snow continues staring broodingly, unaware the fade in from his baby self is over. Then Ser Davos arrives, angrily demanding that Melisandre confess in front of Jon what she did to Shireen.

    He proceeded to give her a HUGE serve about burning little girls and Melisandre stood there like:

    And then she was BANI-SHED!

    Meanwhile in Kings Landing, Jaime watched as Cercsei - his sister, his lover, the mother of his children and un-doer of his great sacrifice is crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and was like:

    Back over in Winterfell, Little Finger tried one more attempt at manipulating and seducing Sansa.

    Prompting this response from audiences:

    But Lady Sansa has grown up...

    ...and she finally saw through his self serving sleaze fest.

    Everyone renewed their allegiance to the North. Jon Snow was accepted by Sansa as a Stark and her brother, he was back to being #1 and everyone liked him again...

    ...And he actually looked pretty chuffed with himself.

    Everyone was happy (apart from Little Finger).

    Meanwhile in Meereen, Dany dumped Dario and his exit was both sad and awkward.

    But Dany had no time to dwell on this. With the entire world at her feet, she launches everyone's ships....

    Onwards to Westeros!

    As the ships break through the sea, Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm stand by her side, loyal to the Mother of Dragons.

    Fierce stance.

    So. Cersei is on the Iron Throne. Dany is on her way to Westeros to claim the Iron Throne. And now that Jon's father is all but confirmed as Rheagar Targaryen he technically has claim over Dany to the Iron Throne.

    So Dany's going to turn up in spectacular fashion...

    ... and Queen C probably won't have a bar of it...

    But inevitably Jon Snow, King of the North, will find out that even though he's finally been accepted into the family, his father is in fact NOT Ned Stark and he is heir to the Iron Throne.

    Brooding shall likely ensue

    What a nail biter of a finale eh?

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