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13 Things I've Heard At My Latino Family Gathering

For the last time tía, I'm working on myself and don't want a novio!

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4. "¡Salganse de la cocina!"


Translation: "Get out of the kitchen!"

No one's allowed in the kitchen while the tamales de chicharrón are being prepared. And don't bug your amá about when they're ready, 'cause you already know it will take the entire day. Happy Starving!


5. "Traime una cerveza, mijita."


Translation: "Bring me a beer, sweetie."

Your lovable but drunk uncle will kindly ask you for a beer from the fridge before delving into storytime where he aptly recalls his glory days before kids.

7. "Siéntate a mi lado."


Translation: "Sit down next to me."

Everyone has that tía that acts like a second mom to you who will get caught up in her feels (and alcohol) then sits you down for a deeply moving conversation. *Cries in Spanish*


12. "¡Ay te va Chente!"


Vicente Fernandez is the songbird of ranchera music and for one reason or another, the perfect music to sing to while drunk. A few tequila shots in and it's an episode of The Voice.