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19 Truths About Going To Raves No One Warns You About

"Damn, I'm loving this $13 beer," said no one ever.

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2. Some might understand the rollercoaster ride that is wearing a one-piece to the function.

If you woulda asked me where i saw myself in 5 yrs, 5yrs ago it definitely would not have been here. Naked in a portapotty

It's basically an episode of Naked and Afraid.

4. Just when you believe your outfit is on and poppin', someone will walk by and completely slay your existence.

It's called FASHION, honey. Look it up.


6. You might witness the emotional complexity of rave couples in their natural habitat.

Single 'n' not ready to mingle, tbh.


12. And someone will generously offer you a variation of these three items at every corner.


13. Rave mosh pits are a call to action, and only the most valiant dare step inside.

16. But the most daunting task will be trying to exit the parking lot unscathed.

It's all PLUR until the parking lot. #RaveProblems

Peace, Love, Unity, and Get Wrecked, Bitch!