Saimaa Ringed Seal — Too Cute To Function

These Finnish seals are in need of your love.

1. Hey girl. Let’s have a talk.


This is a Saimaa ringed seal. He wasn’t expecting you to stop by.

2. I’m usually shy, but it’s you. Lemme tell you something.


*Cue special moment*

3. I’m in a pretty dark place.


Oh no =(

4. It’s making me grumpy.


But you’re a seal! So there’s that…

5. The dating pool has been pretty skimpy. For a while.

But you’re so cute!

6. Trouble is, it’s just me.


It’s not just you! There are an estimated 310 Saimaa ringed seals left in the world. In the WORLD.

7. I could use a wing man…


I’m there. What do you need?

8. Just help me out.


You got it.

9. I just want a pup like this.


Awww. I want you to have a pup like this!

10. But there’s a problem.


Say what?

11. You can make it better.

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Who doesn’t love seals? To help the few remaining Saimaa ringed seals please contact the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

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