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6 Reasons Why Traveling With Deanna Troi Is A Bad Idea

Deanna Troi is many things—capable officer, savvy diplomat, loyal confidant, proficient poker player (as an empath, why wouldn't she be?!?), chocolate connoisseur. But Star Trek's favorite counselor is simply bad luck when it comes to space travel. If the heir to the Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed is offering you a hitch somewhere, it may be best to wait for the next shuttlecraft... Or at least make sure you have a really good insurance policy.

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6. Face of the Enemy

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Neuropsychology seminar on Bokara Six? Or abduction and surgical alteration by the Romulans? Marina Sirtis flexes her acting chops and a brilliant episode ensues. But clearly, this is your first warning sign to stay away from Deanna when space travel and Romulans are involved.

5. Timescape

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Another trip to a psychology conference leads to more shenanigans with those tricksy Romulans. Returning from the conference in a shuttle, Deanna, Picard, Data, and Geordi encounter the Enterprise frozen in time. While they survive, their shuttle does not.

4. Skin of Evil

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Deanna's shuttle crashes on a desolate planet due to instrument malfunction. And we all know what this means for poor Tasha...

3. Power Play

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A shuttle with Deanna aboard crashes again (I'm sensing a pattern, Captain!). To add insult to injury, the crash results in alien possession and terror in Ten Forward.

2. Nemesis

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The Romulans are back, and Deanna is in the pilot's seat when the Enterprise-E crashes into Shinzon's Scimitar (OK, OK... she crashed the ship on Picard's orders, but still...)

1. Generations

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Who navigated the Enterprise-D during the Battle of Veridian III and the subsequent crash landing? Riker may forever regret that order of: "Deanna, take the helm!"

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