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The 32 Best/Worst Brand Tweets About "The Dress"

Welcome to the brandwagon.

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By now you're probably aware of #TheDress and how it broke the internet and destroyed relationships worldwide, but now even brands are jumping on the bandwagon:

1. BJ's tried to refocus on what's important in life:

Who cares if #TheDress is White & Gold or Black & Blue? This #pizookie is white & gold, & that's all that matters.

2. A&W weighed in with an important update:

Update: Our logo is still orange and brown. #TheDress

3. Lyft decided to be straight up flowery with its prose:

May all your Lyft rides be as golden as that dress. We're team #whiteandgold.

4. Clorox hit us with the stark truth:

Trust us, #TheDress is white.

5. Food Network made us question everything all over again:

This cheesecake is black and blue: Or is it?!

6. United brought their planes into the equation:

7. Party City taught us what really matters:

It's not the color of #TheDress that matters, it's the #party you wear it to.

8. Coca-Cola had some ideas about better colors:

#TheDress might look better in red and white.

9. Dunkin' Donuts declared that taste > color:

Doesn't matter if it’s blue/black or white/gold, they still taste delicious. #thedress

10. IKEA thought outside the box with blue and yellow:

You're not the only ones @Cirque! We see blue & yellow too :) #TheDress

11. Auntie Anne's was also on team blue and gold:

We're not sure about #whiteandgold or #blackandblue - we're a bit more partial to blue and gold...

12. Duracell tried to shift the conversation toward batteries:

Clearly it's copper and black. #TheDress

13. Kit Kat played with the colors of its logo:

Definitely Red and White! #HaveAbreak #TheDress #breakfromthedress #TeamRedAndWhite

14. IHOP reminded us about breakfast:

idk what color that dress is but pancakes are definitely gold and butter is definitely white

15. LEGO made some striped dresses of its own:

#whiteandgold or #blackandblue? We found a way around science- you can have both! #TheDress #dressgate

16. Chobani was more concerned about yogurt:

Less concerned about #thedress and more concerned about the #lastchobani in the fridge.

17. Sephora came up with a solution to satisfy both sides:

Why choose sides when you can have them all? #TheDress

18. Skittles was definitely tasting the colors of the rainbow:

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. It looks Rainbow to me. #TheDress

19. Domino's tried to steer the conversation toward pizza:

This is awkward, it's actually white and red.

20. JCPenney showed up with another dress:

We promise, we aren't messing with you. This dress is blue and black. #TheDress #Blueandblack #WhiteandGold

21. Burger King dished out some sass:

That time we had blue crowns. #TheDress

22. M&M's brought out Blue and Ms. Brown:

Why does everyone keep calling us Gold and White now? What’s going on, Internet?! #TheDress #WhatColorsAreThisDress

23. Downy wanted to focus on softness:

Blue and black, white and gold - does it matter? #TheDress #DressGate

24. Barefoot Wine took the time to make a joke about wine:

White and gold? Black and blue? All we see is white and red. #TheDress

25. Xbox backed up its argument with its controllers:

So do you think this is #whiteandgold too?

26. Motorola tried to start a new debate about phone colors:

27. Hyundai showed off a blue and black car:

28. American Airlines wasn't feeling either color combination:

White and gold, black and blue... We only have eyes for silver. #TheDress #AvGeeks

29. Abercrombie & Fitch just ran with a different dress:

White&Gold? Blue&Black? This dress is White&Blue...& we're 100% sure we're obsessed with it. ✔️

30. Zyrtec suggested we all might need some allergy medicine:

Who can you trust? Certainly not your eyes. This is definitely #whiteandgold #thedress

31. Pizza Hut was reevaluating life:

OMG need your help. Is this a different colour to you? #Dressgate #Pizzagate

32. And The ACLU took the opportunity to discuss discrimination:

#Dressgate #Thedress

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