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29 Ways Pokémon Go Has Changed Lives

Here's how the augmented reality game has been augmenting our reality too.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how Pokémon Go has affected their lives. Here are some of their best responses.

1. "It has made me connect with other people more."

2. "This game, with the help of medical professionals and my amazing support system, has helped pull me out of one of the darkest times in my life."

3. "I have a 10-month-old and have been struggling to lose baby weight since he was born. I’ve lost 10 pounds since this was released!"

4. "My boyfriend and I broke up after three years because he couldn’t commit to spending time with me, only wanted to play Pokémon Go."

5. "My data bill has been more expensive."

6. "It's helping me get over my dog's death."

7. "The day my husband downloaded Pokémon Go it was like a light came back on inside of him."

8. "My entire family plays and it’s such a bonding experience!"

9. "It helped me get over someone."

10. "I am more annoyed now than ever before."

11. "It's helping me fight my anxiety and depression."

12. "My mom's so proud of me because I haven’t gone to the store with her in years because of my social anxiety, and now every time she goes anywhere I ask if I can go too to catch another Pokémon."

13. "My husband is out of the house a lot more now. I am enjoying not having him around."

14. "My boyfriend and I have run into people we lost contact with from high school and are rekindling old friendships in addition to making new ones."

15. "My stepdad and I are not close at all, but ever since Pokémon Go came out, we've been spending time together and I don't feel nearly as frustrated with him as I used to."

16. "I struggle from an autoimmune disease known as lupus, and being a 13-year-old girl, excessive exercise didn’t really appeal to me. But now that I have Pokémon Go, it has helped me actually want to exercise and my overall health as well."

17. "I suffer from agoraphobia and this game helps me find joy and ease in the outside world again."

18. "It gave me a chance to connect with my little brother."

19. "My best friend and I are constantly fighting."

20. "I was out playing in my local park and met a guy there; we talked and hit it off, and now are going on a date tomorrow night."

21. "It has made me swear more and has NOT been good for my health!"

22. "It has caused me to gain interest in servers and how to monitor them to see if they are up or not… I guess you can say it caused me to gain some technical skills."

23. "It’s really helped my social life."

24. "I exercised for the first time in two years, walked two miles, pulled a muscle and met more people in the past month then I have ever met in five years."

25. "I never used to ride my bike. Now with Pokémon Go, I’ve lost five pounds already. I am finally inspired to lose weight and keep it off!"

26. "I broke my foot."

27. "It makes every errand take longer."

28. "It greatly improved my relationship with my boyfriend."

29. "It gives me faith in humanity again."

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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