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22 Times "Harry Potter" Fans Won Halloween

More like Harry Halloween, amirite?

1. This fierce Luna Lovegood.

2. And this one.

3. This Harry Potter expertly riding a dragon.

4. This lovable Mandrake.

5. And this one.

6. This lovely Hogwarts Express.

7. This majestic Hedwig.

8. And this one.

9. This ghostly stag Patronus.

10. This mysterious Trelawney.

11. And this one.

12. This Dobby who'll make you fight for S.P.E.W.

13. This adorable Hagrid and Hedwig duo.

14. This not-so-menacing-looking Umbridge.

15. And this one.

16. This hilarious reenactment of Ron and Harry's flying car adventures.

17. This charming Fleur Delacour.

18. And this one.

19. This badass Bellatrix.

20. This convincing McGonagall.

21. This wise-looking Dumbledore.

22. And this truly terrifying Voldemort.

Did you dress up in an awesome Harry Potter costume for Halloween? Show us in the comments below!