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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    Here's What 10 People Look Like With And Without My Glasses On

    I have really bad vision.

    Cosmopolitan informed us Tuesday that people look very different with and without their glasses on. I couldn't help but wonder... do people also look very different with and without my glasses on??

    Let's find out!! Here's what 10 people look like when I'm wearing my glasses and not — plus, how they feel about the whole thing.

    1. Chelsea

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "As you can see, I was skeptical about how different I'd look with and without your glasses. But wow, I didn't realize how different I'd look in each scenario!!! I like the mystery that comes with the blur, like I'm a ghost from a drunken fever dream. This is really eye opening, like it really challenged my perspectives on reality and who I am, ya know?" —Chelsea

    2. Kevin

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "I think I look pretty great in the normal photo, but in the blurry photo I look even better. Jarry, what filter did you use because, wow! I’ve never looked better." —Kevin

    3. Bryant

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "I don’t mind my blurry look because it reminds me of a piece from Picasso's Blue Period. It’s not everyday that I get to look like an expensive art work. Blur was announced as the new black at NYFW. It's the new Fall 2015 trend." —Bryant

    4. Grace

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "Jarry, I’m trying to do actual work. Can you please leave me alone?" —Grace

    5. Brett

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "MY SMILE IS GONE! Where did it go? Are you a hater of happiness and cheer?" —Brett

    6. Krystie

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "I think I look the same and don't see any difference tbh." —Krystie

    7. Julia

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "I didn't get much sleep last night, and I'm kind of hoping Jarry can't see the bags under my eyes. I would love to know that I look like a blurry Kylie Jenner, but that may be wishful thinking." —Julia

    8. Arianna

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "I didn't know you wore glasses!" —Arianna

    9. Matt

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "It feels better when Jarry can see, which happens when she wears her glasses. But I think she doesn’t like to wear them all the time because she has a thing about her frames matching her outfits. If Rent The Runway had a service for glasses, she’d probably wear glasses more. I hope they start that. Jarry wasn’t wearing her glasses at lunch today, and she bumped into me, spilling her lasagna all over my shoes. So, yeah, they should also have Rent The Runway for men, while they’re at it. And wear your glasses, Jarry." —Matt

    10. Joanna

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed

    "Did you get paid to write this?" —Joanna