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    People Are Going Nuts Over This Earth Day Mascot

    Meet Dunk.

    On Sunday, the NSA introduced us to its new, pro-recycling Earth Day mascot, Dunk:

    #EarthDay is this Wed. Meet Dunk, the NSA’s #Recycling Mascot & learn about our #green efforts.

    And people quickly started freaking out about it on Twitter:

    @NSAGov @CraftMasterMC This scares the living shit out of me. :|

    @mokoneko_ @Fyrasec @NSAGov oh god this is real

    There were jokes:

    @3liza @nsagov herds of failed Dunks roaming the grounds of NSA HQ, screaming "RECYCLE US, RECYCLE US FOR THE LOVE OF GOD"

    .@NSAGov Mr Dunk told me never to tell anyone, that it would be our secret. And that nobody would believe me if I did tell them.


    .@Foqbupog @NSAGov On this Mr. Dunk doll, point to the place where the NSA targeted you.

    And straight-up concerns:

    jesus christ what 1998 banner ad did you yank this one out of @NSAGov

    @mokoneko_ @Fyrasec @NSAGov NSA - Keeping kids scared of recycling since their formation.

    But some people were fans of the new mascot:

    @NSAGov @tombomp Mr Dunk has fresh kicks tho

    You can watch a video of Dunk here.

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