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17 Reasons You Should Never Read "Harry Potter"

Seriously, don't even bother.

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1. Only kids read Harry Potter.

Psh, that's not a briefcase. Only kids read Harry Potter, remember?

2. Literally no adults. Literally none.

You might think these are adults, but you'd be wrong, because like we said, only kids read Harry Potter. Obviously.

3. And magic is just so boring.

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A bird being turned into a goblet? Yawn.

4. Sooo boring.

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Casting a rabbit Patronus? Lame. LAAAME.

5. What a snorefest.

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Transforming into a cat, ugh whatever.

6. The books won't stay with you.

7. They aren't even well-written.

8. You won't find a single beautiful sentence.

10. There's nothing relatable about Harry Potter either.

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It's just about growing up and friendships and overcoming adversity.

11. Nope, nothing relatable to see here.

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Move along, folks.

12. You won't care about the characters.

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13. You won't feel inspired.

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"Harry Potter helped me power through my mental breakdown." —Nikki D., via Facebook

14. You won't change as a person.

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"All of the Harry Potter books have changed the world. They've changed my world. I am a better person because Harry Potter exists." —Briizy

15. Harry Potter won't change your life.

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"When I was coming out in college, I clung to the Harry Potter books like they were part of me. I'd be crying in my dorm, wishing I wasn't gay, and the only thing that would get me out of that dark place was J.K. Rowling and her writing." —Michael W.

16. Seriously, don't even bother, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

17. It's not real!

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