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    The Actor Who Plays Charles On "Younger" Wrote The Most Adorable Children's Book

    Life meets fiction (or in this case, television)!

    Via HarperCollins

    If you watch the TV show Younger (which you should because it's amazing), then you know and love Charles, one of Liza's main love interests and her boss at the fictional book publishing company Empirical Press.

    TV Land

    Well, in a fun case of life meeting fiction, the actor who plays Charles, Peter Hermann, actually just published a book in real life! His children's book If The S in Moose Comes Loose came out on March 13, and it's adorable.


    According to the publisher, the new picture book is about a moose and a cow who are best friends (OK, I'm already sold), and the lengths the two friends will go to help each other.

    IF THE S IN MOOSE COMES LOOSE is a madcap, rollicking, and clever way to have fun with letters, all in the name of friendship. In this whimsical debut picture book, when MOOSE’s letters come loose, his best friend, COW, will stop at nothing to put him back together again.

    Hermann said he went through multiple drafts of the book and had a lot of fun writing it: "The first draft was five times as long, just shy of War and Peace. I have a whole stack of drafts to show kids who think they need to get everything right on the first try."


    We bet Charles would approve.

    TV Land

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