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18 Women Filmmakers On Gender and Representation In Hollywood

“It feels really good that the conversations are going on but now the question is: Will that actually translate to opportunity?”

BuzzFeed News asked women filmmakers at SXSW to share their feelings about the ongoing conversations around Hollywood’s need to hire more women directors. The following are the their lightly edited responses.

S.J. Chiro, Lane 1974

Noel Wells, Mr. Roosevelt

Ana Asensio, Most Beautiful Island

Magdalena Zyzak, A Critically Endangered Species

Dena Hysell, Ascent To Hell

Janicza Bravo, Lemon

Jennifer Reeder, Signature Move

Jessica Curtright, It Began Without Warning

Katherine Fairfax Wright, Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall

Julia Halperin, La Barracuda

Laura Terruso, Fits and Starts

Natalia Eite, MFA

Lysa Heslov, Served Like A Girl

Valerie Weiss, The Archer

Joi McMillon, Lemon

Lauren Wolkstein, The Strange Ones

Renée Felice Smith, The Relationtrip

Jessica M. Thompson, The Light of the Moon