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The "Hey Dude" Cast Spills Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Nearly 25 Years Later

Who was the biggest flirt on the Bar None Ranch? BuzzFeed asked the cast of Hey Dude to reveal what it was really like on the set of the '90s Nickelodeon hit series.

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Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Clockwise from top left: Jonathan Galkin (Jake), Geoffrey Coy (Kyle), Josh Tygiel (Buddy), David Brisbin (Mr. Ernst), David Lascher (Ted), Christine Taylor (Melody), and Debrah Kalman (Lucy)

It's a little wild and a little strange when you make your home out on the range. And no one knows that better than the cast of Hey Dude, who gathered under the same roof for the first time in almost 25 years at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, on June 6.

Before they took to the stage to reminisce about the two years they spent making four seasons of Nickelodeon's beloved series, David Brisbin (Bar None owner Mr. Ernst), David Lascher (heartthrob and troublemaker Ted), Christine Taylor (girl-next-door Melody), Debrah Kalman (ranch hand Lucy), Jonathan Galkin (Mr. Ernst's nephew Jake), Geoffrey Coy (handsome cowboy Kyle), and Josh Tygiel (Mr. Ernst's son Buddy) grabbed a Sharpie and a notepad to take BuzzFeed on a walk down memory lane.

(Kelly Brown, who played rich girl Brad, was unable to make it due to a family emergency, and you'll see what the cast has to say about the absence of Joe Torres, who played Native American Bar None staffer Danny.)

Below, find out what life behind-the-scenes of Hey Dude was really like!

1. Who was your favorite scene partner?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: David Brisbin; Coy: David; Tygiel: David Brisbin; Kalman: Cassie [the ranch dog]; Taylor: Brisbin; Lascher: The Dog; Brisbin: Cassie or Buddy

Brisbin: "The cactus always knew its lines."

Coy: "I took the easy way out; I wrote David, so you don't know which one."

2. Who was the Hey Dude class clown?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Torres; Coy: Galkin; Tygiel: Brisbin; Kalman: Brisbin; Taylor: Torres; Lascher: Brisbin; Brisbin: Galkin

Lascher: "Joe was so funny!"

Taylor: "Joe wasn't trying to be funny!"

Coy: "What happened to Joe?"

Taylor: "I don't think anyone's seen him in a long time..."


3. Who was the most outgoing?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Taylor; Coy: Taylor; Tygiel: Galkin; Kalman: Taylor; Taylor: Brisbin; Lascher: Taylor; Brisbin: Taylor "(kind of)"

Taylor: "Awww, I think it was the character. I think it's because Melody was everybody's friend."

Galkin: "I'm changing mine to Christine Taylor's mom."

Lascher: "Yes!"

5. Who was the most mysterious?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Torres; Coy: Torres; Tygiel: Torres; Kalman: Torres; Taylor: Lascher; Lascher: Torres; Brisbin: Torres

Taylor: "I said David."

Lascher: "I'll take it."

Brisbin: "Mysterious would be one word for it."

Lascher: "I've been called worse."

Coy: "You haven't heard what the other word would be..."

6. Who was the biggest flirt?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Taylor; Coy: Brown; Tygiel: Lascher; Kalman: Brown; Taylor: Lascher; Lascher: [Abstained]; Brisbin: Brisbin

Lascher: "I didn't write anything..."

Brisbin: "I'll be thinking about this tonight."

Taylor to Galkin: "Me?!? What?!?"


8. Who have you kept in touch with the most?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Taylor; Coy: Brown; Tygiel: Nobody; Kalman: Brown; Taylor: Brisbin; Lascher: Brown; Brisbin: Taylor

Kalman: "Most of us kept in touch with Kelly. She was kind of the heart of the family, so it's unfortunate she can't be here today. She has, I think, contacted all of us to say how disappointed she is not to be here; it's completely out of her control."

9. Who has changed the most since the show ended?

Jaimie Etkin for BuzzFeed

Galkin: Tygiel; Coy: Tygiel; Tygiel: Tygiel; Kalman: Coy/Tygiel; Taylor: Tygiel; Lascher: Tygiel; Brisbin: Not me!

Galkin: "Sorry, Josh. You hit puberty. "

Taylor: "It's stressing me out! I walked right past him. He's unrecognizable. Josh is a man now!"