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    These Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Bloopers Will Be The Funniest Three Minutes Of Your Day

    In the exclusive gag reel from The Skeleton Twins DVD, the actors and SNL alumni improvise their way into a laughing fit.

    Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader worked side by side for seven years on Saturday Night Live and that unique relationship is just one of the reasons their brother-sister dynamic in The Skeleton Twins is so powerful.

    In the dark comedy, Wiig and Hader play Maggie and Milo, identical twins who haven't spoken in a decade, but are brought together following a family crisis. After they find themselves, once again, under the same roof, Maggie and Milo try to recalibrate their lives and come to terms with the people they've become.

    And BuzzFeed News exclusively has a hilarious gag reel from the upcoming DVD in which Wiig and Hader go completely off the rails and put their improvisation backgrounds to hilarious use.


    The Skeleton Twins is available on Digital HD starting Dec. 2 and on Blu-ray/DVD beginning Dec. 16.