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If "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Had Used Suggested Hashtags

Don't forget to tweet using the hashtag #SheIsTheSlayer

It's almost impossible to watch a TV show these days without seeing an intrusive hashtag pop up on screen, telling you exactly what to tweet as you watch. Back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired, Twitter didn't even exist, so we were spared suggested hashtag interruptions. But what if The WB or UPN had somehow had the foresight to include hashtags?

From "Welcome to The Hellmouth."

From "I Robot, You Jane."

From "Prophecy Girl."

From "School Hard."

From "Innocence."

From "Becoming, Part One."

From "Becoming, Part Two."

From "Doppelgangland."

From "The Prom."

From "Graduation Day, Part Two."

From "Hush."

From "Goodbye Iowa."

From "This Year's Girl."

From "Restless."

From "Buffy vs. Dracula."

From "The Real Me."

From "Family."

From "I Was Made To Love You."

From "The Gift."

From "After Life."

From "Once More With Feeling."

From "Tabula Rasa."

From "Doublemeat Palace."

From "Villains."

From "Grave."

From "Lessons."

From "Chosen."

From "Chosen."