22 Things Everyone Who Is Deathly Afraid Of Clowns Understands

There is not a single clown photo in this post. This is a safe space.

1. You are very wary of accepting invitations to children’s birthday parties.

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2. You have to be repeatedly assured, in no uncertain terms, that there will not be clowns at the party.


3. Even once you’re told clowns won’t be attending, you dread every second, assuming a clown will still show up.

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4. When the inevitable happens, and a clown does show up, children and the elderly are considered suitable weapons to defend yourself.

Columbia Pictures / Via thegirlnextdooritis.tumblr.com

5. When clowns make kids cry, you think, They get it.


6. You can’t fathom why any parent would intentionally expose their child to a clown.

Paramount Pictures/via themartinez89.tumblr.com


7. In fact, you don’t understand why everyone seems to think this is a normal profession for grown adults to have.

Marvel/via thats-normal.com


8. You hate Halloween because there’s always a dozen people dressed as clowns.


9. And seeing a lot of clowns casually walking around town is your greatest nightmare.


10. That’s a lie. Being the only normal person in a city populated only by clowns is your greatest nightmare.


11. You’re now devising ways to bomb Clown City.


12. John Wayne Gacy is all the proof you need that every clown has homicidal tendencies.

Universal Pictures/via pitch-perfect.wikia.com


13. It doesn’t surprise you when a clown is arrested for murder.

Dimension Films/via yungtrips.tumblr.com


14. You’re actually surprised more clowns aren’t arrested for murder.

Warner Bros/via weheartit.com


15. A small part of you believes clown shoes are so big because they’re concealing weapons.


16. Or ether-soaked rags.


17. The only thing more terrifying than a clown’s smile is a clown’s laugh.

Hughes Entertainment


18. The only thing more terrifying than a clown’s laugh is a clown touching you.

Paramount Pictures/giphy.com


19. If a clown touches you, every ounce of maturity and decorum flees your body as you shriek and run as fast as humanly possible in the other direction.

AMC/ via imgur.com


20. You could win an Olympic gold medal in sprinting if a clown was chasing you.


21. You’re now thinking about clowns chasing you.

Fox/via gamemoir.com


22. And you’ll have nightmares for a month.

NBC/via giphy.com


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