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17 Things I Overheard At The "RuPaul's Drag Race" Finale Taping

"Out of drag, I look like a foot."

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On May 6, RuPaul gathered all her queens (Season 6 and all those who've come before) to tape RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited at The Ace Theater in Downton Los Angeles. BuzzFeed was on the scene to clock all the catty red carpet comments, dishy dressing room dirt, and amazing audience asides.

Here are the 17 best quotes overheard throughout the night — all names have been withheld to protect the shady.

1. "Oh my God, there is oil everywhere!"

2. "I made myself look huge in these feathers so I could eat this cheese."

3. "Maria Von Trapp is a huge fashion inspiration for me."

5. "Oh, that’s a new kind of peal necklace for her."

6. "A queen cannot rest on her laurels. A queen will never get anywhere in life by thinking I'm too legendary. Legends die and get put in tombs."

7. "You better padabure for Jesus, girl."

9. "You better not light a match; there’s so much AquaNet, this place will go up like a mushroom cloud."

10. "Am I a reporter or a gynecologist?"

11. "Watch yourself, a shady elephant never forgets."

13. "I’m not really good at reading. I don’t like books."

14. "Do not deprive a drag queen of alcohol."

15. "These bitches will steal your jokes, they will steal your look, and they will definitely steal your purse. They’re some shady fucking apes. Shady Apes!"

16. "Ask your assistant, I think she brought edibles."

17. "Out of drag, I look like a foot."

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