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New Music Website Plans To "Remix The World"

Kommp will "give back" while giving a platform to talented musicians and producers.

Posted on is a new site from the founder of indiemunity, promises to "remix the world" by bringing together the talents and passions of musicians, producers, and DJs from across the web for remix competitions. Interested musical talents will donate to participating charities and non-profits in order to participate in competitions.

Founder Jeffrey Metherell said that the idea behind Kommp is that the power of music can be harnessed to change the world for the better. "Where would the world be without music? Where could we be with the help of music?" he said, adding: "Music can incite passion in millions in a single instant, and Kommp is a means of translating that passion into action."

As a fundraising-focused platform, Kommp (short for competition) will stand alone in a large field of music blogs and hosting sites. Visitors to the site can expect to see exclusive remixes, opportunities to earn prizes, and information about collaborating charities and causes. "The user-created content will make Kommp what it is," said Metherell. "We hope to attract a wide range of talents, allowing them to be heard and make a contribution to a cause they're passionate about," he added, noting that competitions will be open to anyone willing to make a donation.

Details of the site's first competition and charity partnership are coming soon. Interested parties can subscribe to updates at and

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