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20 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves Every Award Ever

Hey Academy! What are you waiting for?!

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1. Because he's been killin' it since birth, basically.

2. Just look at that pre-pubescent range of emotions!

3. Every performance he's ever given has been Oscar-worthy. / Via

Yes, even Critters 3!

4. But does The Academy give him the recognition he deserves?

5. Can you believe they haven't given him an Oscar?

6. Every year poor Leo thinks that shiny Oscar is in his reach...

(what a tease)

7. ...and every year they break his poor little heart.

8. Don't be sad, Leo.

9. As adorable as he is when he cries, we like happy Leo a lot better.

10. Fun fact: DiCaprio stress eats when he's up for an award* / Via

*that's not really a fact

11. You can't say no to that look.

12. Because this photo exists.

13. You don't want to make Leo angry. You won't like him when he's angry. / Via

But damn does he play angry well.

14. And if you're thinking, "he'll get his moment eventually..."

15. In The Wolf of Wall Street, he gives one of his greatest performances yet. / Via

But really, every performance is his best performance.

16. He never lets us down.

17. Admit it. You once secretely wished you were Rose. / Via

We'd never let you go, Leo.

18. Because a win for our Leo is a win for everyone, really. / Via

Have you seen Catch Me If You Can? He's incredible!

19. Because we can only hope he'll make a face like this when he wins.

20. Because it's about time.

Here's to 2014 being the year of Leo!

Now we wait patiently until The Oscars to find out his fate...

BONUS: Here's a GIF of 90's Leo being interviewed by a drag queen.

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