17 Reasons Why Aaron Carter Was The Coolest Kid Of All Time

Nobody can do it like Aaron can.

1. He was the ultimate Beanie Baby collector.

2. His Gameboy skills weren’t too bad either.

3. His moves could literally bring the party.

4. His hair game was always on point.

Frosted tips for days.

5. Admit it, there was only thing you wanted for Christmas.


6. He was besties with Lil Bow Wow, another one of the coolest kids to ever exist.

7. There’s only one boy who could pull this off and he goes by the name of AC.

Aaron C’s in the house!

8. This look was lightyears ahead of its time.

Step up your game, Kanye!

11. He was 1/2 of the cutest brotherhood in pop music history.

12. He had his own doll.

13. Aaron wasn’t afraid to break the rules.

What a bad ass!


Duckfacing before it was cool.

16. He was thrift shopping before there was Macklemore.

Shaq’s still not over it.

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