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    Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers • Trust Me

    "I just really don't want this to be...a prank."

    Safiya and Tyler are a very solid, loving couple. We could've just let them keep living their cute-couple life, but instead, we decided to have them give each other hair makeovers. But these weren't just any hair makeovers...these were a complete SURPRISE:

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    The rules: Saf got to style Tyler and Tyler got to style Saf. Neither of them would know what was happening to their own hair until the final reveal. And the mastermind behind all this? Ned "Danger" Fulmer:

    Safiya brought up an excellent point, which would hopefully deter anyone from going too crazyyyy.

    Tyler talked about being self-conscious because of his "bulbous head." Apparently, a barber even commented on it once:

    Safiya knew about Tyler's "head issues" so she wanted to respect that. She liked his hair, but felt it could be a little shorter on the sides and he could rock the 'high and tight.'

    Tyler loves Safiya's hair and he knows how much she likes how thick it is. He thought it would be good to accentuate that by cutting it into a 'lob' and adding some layers to get that ~sleek professional~ look. Let the makeovers begin!

    Check out some action shots:

    Chop, chop, chop:

    Bye, bye hair:

    Oooh la laaaa:

    And after all that chopping, dying and froofing it was finally time for the big reveal:

    Here are Tyler's "before and after" shots:


    And here are Safiya's:


    They were both extremely happy with the results...I mean, duh, because they both look SO great.

    So, lesson learned, you can definitely trust your significant other with your 'do*.