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    18 Things I've Learned From Camping With Two Young Kids

    It's never too early to set them on the mountain path.

    Taking your kids camping before they're 4 or 5 seems untenable to a lot of people: Wait until the kid can wear a little pack, you think.

    1. Get the biggest tent you can.

    2. Speaking of sleep gear, treat yourself and your young heirs to elevated cots.

    3. A Pack 'n Play will double as your sanity corral.

    4. Get the right sleepwear for a cozy night’s slumber.

    5. Keep a cozy jacket handy for early morning games.

    6. Long pants are a simple and necessary defense against bugs.

    7. Why wear a headlamp when you can string up fairy lights?

    8. Keep the cleanup to a minimum with ready-to-eat food and a Jetboil.

    9. That rusty cast-iron skillet will feel like it has come home on the campfire barbecue.

    10. Bioluminescence is the biz — get yourself some glowsticks.

    11. Magnetic tiles are the toys that clean themselves up.

    12. Doodle your way through rainholds with a waterproof writing pad.

    13. Campsites are the best potty-training sites.

    14. Bring an anxious-parent contingency kit (which I know I don’t have to tell you).

    15. Clean water water is the gift that keeps on keeping (you alive).

    16. Pack in what you packed out.

    17. And don't forget a pack for doggo.

    18. And make sure you have a large blanket to wrap around the lot of you sitting around the fire.

    Happy trails!