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    Top Savory And Sweet Eats From NYC's 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show

    Every summer at the biennial Fancy Food Show, the Javits Center in New York City turns into a massive food hall as thousands of specialty food vendors from across the world occupy the space to showcase their finest culinary goods. The quality and the variety of food items displayed at this year’s show was no exception - these are just a few of my favorite things!

    Sweet Potato Spice cookies from Zemas Madhouse Foods

    Made with quality, better-for-you ingredients like nutrient-rich ancient whole grains and a super seed trio of chia, hemp and flaxmeal, Zemas Sweet Potato Spice cookies are delicious and healthy at the same time.

    Rosemary & Sea Salt crackers from Simple Mills

    Simple Mills’ line of brand new almond flour crackers are gluten-free and made entirely without grain, soy, artificial flavors, or fillers. They have no more than 12 whole food ingredients.

    Teriyaki Jerky from New Zealand Jerky

    As the pioneer of savory, grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified beef jerky, New Zealand Jerky offers protein-packed jerky line made with hormone-free and free-range beef, which creates a less fatty and higher in omega-3 jerky.

    Chocolate & Toasted Coconut from Brownie Brittle

    Everyone's favorite crispy brownie treats is back with new organic flavors. At only 120 calories per serving, the Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Brownie Brittle combines decadent chocolate with toasted coconut.

    Original Cabbage-Based Relish from Slawsa

    Founded by a former sports marketing executive, Slawsa (a hybrid of slaw and salsa) is a one-of-its-kind, cabbage-based relish that is healthier, more versatile, and more flavorful than traditional pickle-based relishes.

    Caramel Stroopwafel from Daelmans

    Soft, toasted waffles filled with caramel, stroopwafels from Daelmans is the perfect complement to coffee, tea and other hot beverages. Just place them on top of your hot beverage to be warmed and softened.

    Tarallini Rosemary Snacks from Castellana Imports

    These convenient, on-the-go snack packs are filled with crunchy, rosemary infused tortellini-shaped crackers that are extremely savory and also gluten-free.

    The Barista from Brewla Bars

    This all-natural ice pop is the latest flavor from Brewla Bars. A refreshing cold brewed coffee flavor made with real cold brewed coffee, organic milk, and a kiss of sweetness, the Barista is also guilt-free at only 35 calories.

    Chipotle Cherry Beef bars from KRAVE

    A leader in the jerky renaissance, KRAVE launched a collection of jerky bars that are a blend of simple ingredients including beef, turkey, pork, dried fruit, and quinoa. These bars offer a perfect harmony between sweet and savory flavors.

    Pumpkin Tagine Sauce from Urban Accents

    To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Urban Accents introduced its first ever cooking sauces, including the delicious Pumpkin Tagine. Inspired by its best-selling spice blends, Pumpkin Tagine combines global spices with pumpkin and other natural ingredients.

    Grassmilk Yogurt from Organic Valley

    Made from 100% grass-fed organic milk from cows that are never fed grain, Grassmilk Yogurt from Organic Valley is a unique-tasting, creamy, artisan-quality yogurt, crafted in small batches.

    Pelmeni from Popkoff's

    In case you are unfamiliar with pelmeni, they are savory stuffed pouches packed with delicious fillings like juicy all-natural chicken, tender beef, or farmer's cheese. A staple of Eastern European cuisine, pelmeni will satisfy your hungry with each and every bite.

    Black & White Beans Skinny Dippers from Beanitos

    These 100% baked chips have only 90 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving, while maintaining their crispy texture. Crafted from a proprietary blend of white beans, sea salt and natural seasoning, the tasty chips pack a delightful and nutritious crunch, along with a crisp splash of citrus.

    Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream from Brio

    The brand new Madagascar Vanilla from Brio is made with organic whole milk, and has been recently reformulated to include freezer-friendly probiotics. This better-for-you ice cream is indulgent with 6 grams of protein, 24 micronutrients, Omega-3s and half the fat compared to similar premium brand ice creams.

    Dark Chocolate Peanut with Sea Salt from barkTHINS

    An innovator of snacking chocolate, barkTHINS debuted an elevated take on a classic favorite, Dark Chocolate Peanut with Sea Salt, which combines Fair Trade ingredient certified dark chocolate with non-GMO project verified roasted peanuts and sea salt for an irresistibly sweet and salty snack.

    Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut from Moose Munch

    Showcasing the ultimate gourmet caramel corn snack, Moose Munch offers gifts filled with rich, buttery caramel covered corn that are carefully made in small batches. Order some to enjoy right out of the bag or combine several different flavors of popcorn bags to create ideal gourmet popcorn gift baskets.

    Sweet Potato chips from TERRA

    Every bag of TERRA chips are made with real vegetables that are delightful to the taste buds. TERRA chips offer a sophisticated snacking experience with their colorful chips that taste absolutely delicious.

    Snickerdoodle Soft Baked cookies from Enjoy Life

    Coated with sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar, these soft-baked snickerdoodle cookies from Enjoy life are allergy-friendly and gluten-free without compromising taste. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these wholesome cookies.

    Cold Brew Coffee from Califia Farms

    When it comes to coffee, the slower it's brewed, the better it tastes. Califia Farms offers a selection of different cold brew coffee, such as Café Latte, XX Espresso, and Mocha that are infused with delicious almond milk for smooth, bold brew.

    Chia & Greens Beverages from Mamma Chia

    Chia & Greens combines the nutritional powerhouse of chia with vibrant greens to provide a delicious, fun, on-the-go beverage. Each organic chia seed drink is bursting with organic chia seeds and organic power veggies like kale, spinach and broccoli.

    Korean BBQ jerky from Lorissa’s Kitchen

    Made with a blend and seasonings of garlic, sesame seeds, black peppercorn, and sea salt, the Korean BBQ jerky from Lorissa’s Kitchen offers 100% grass-fed beef that is slow smoked then finished over an open flame for a complex, smooth flavor.

    Greenwheat Freekeh from Freekehlicious

    This young roasted green wheat captures and retains the grains at their peak taste and nutrition, providing crunchy, nutty texture and slightly smoky flavor. Long recognized as a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, freekeh is now breaking into the American market with its irresistible flavor.

    Acacia Honey from Heavenly Organics

    Prized for its delicate fruity taste and mild tangy finish, the rare acacia honey from Heavenly Organics is perfect for drizzling on fruit, yogurt, or hot tea. The honey is harvest from natural wild beehives find deep within the forsts of the Himalayas where the bees range free.

    Multi-Seed Crackers from Crunchmaster

    These gluten-free crackers are fit for a mindful, modern lifestyle. Packed with delicious toasted seeds like sesame, quinoa, flax, and amaranth, the multi-seed crackers come in delicious varieties like roasted garlic and rosemary & olive oil to entice your flavor buds.

    Peas Please from Peeled Snacks

    A maker of organic fruit and veggie snacks, Peeled Snacks showcases delicious varieties of Peas Please, the only organic, baked pea snack on the market. These crunchy chips contain 1/2 cup of veggie per serving with 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

    Veggie Straws from Good Health

    As the name of the brand suggests, Good Health provides snacks that are good for the health. Veggie Straws pack nutrients and vitamins from various vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, beets, broccoli, and carrots to deliver delicious snacks full of flavors.

    Freeze-dried Fruits from Crispy Green

    Beyond common freeze-dried fruits like apples and strawberries, Crispy Green offers more interesting varieties like Asian pear, cantaloupe, mango, and tangerine. They are made of real fruit with no sugar, sweeteners, or other additives.

    Gather Chocolate from Harbor Sweets

    This mission-inspired chocolate supports a critical environmental cause, protecting the honeybee and pollinators. Packaged in a gold honeycomb-shaped box, these 70% dark chocolates and truffles have a subtle note of wildflower honey.

    Bean Pastas from Explore Cuisine

    The first company to bring bean pastas to market, Explore Cuisine offers a line of unique pastas made from organic lentils, chickpeas, edamame, and brown rice...just to name a few. These pastas are naturally vegan, organic, gluten-free, high in protein, and a good source of fiber.

    Organic Green Tea Lemon from elephantea

    Taste the difference with a a cup of tea from elephantea, which offers deliciously bold and big flavors. Elephantea combines the finest tea leaves with a passion for doing good because a portion of profits are donated to elephant conservation projects in Sri Lanka. Try flavors like organic green tea lemon, a tasteful green tea infused and invigorated with lemon zest.

    Cranberry Orange Morning Rounds from Ozery

    Start your morning with the fresh flavor of orange zest and cranberries with this delicious round buns from Ozery Bakery, a family-owned company that offers healthy and unique artesian baked breads. These are baked fresh from hearty whole grains, fruits and seeds to provide all the important nutrients.

    Chia Bars from Health Warrior

    At only 100 calories, Chia Bar from Health Warrior is the only bar with chia as the #1 ingredient. These bars are packed with omega-3, plant-based protein, and fiber with a fraction of the sugar of many similar bars. Try flavors like Acai Berry that provides fruity, tangy flavor or Dark Chocolate to indulge your sweet tooth.

    Gluten-free Breads from BFree Foods

    BFree Foods offers a line of gluten-free wraps, rolls, pita breads, bagels, and loaves. Not only are they wheat- and dairy-free, but they are also completely vegan and free of all major allergens. These breads also won't crack, crumble, or fall apart like other gluten-free products on the market.

    Banana Chips from Bare

    The new, fat-free baked banana chips from Bare contain only 120 calories per serving, while providing a great source of fiber. As the first oil-free banana chips, these are deliciously crunchy and pack tons of potassium to serve as the perfect guilt-free snacking option.

    Triple Berry Bars from 88 Acres

    Diana Pappas

    The healthy, nutritious Triple Berry Bars from 88 Acres are made with whole ingredients like organic sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds, oats, cranberries, blueberries, and cinnamon. These bars are free of the most common food allergens.

    Espuna Chorizo from The Charcuterie Shack

    Spice up your typical BBQ with chorizo, which is a versatile Spanish sausage that can be sliced up as part of a charcuterie board, grilled on a bun, skewered with other proteins, or added to salad. You can get these gourmet sausages from the Charcuterie Shack, a new online shop featuring gourmet European charcuterie.