11 Dog Breeds You Never Knew Existed

You might think you are smart about dogs. Here is a list of pooches from around the world, most of which you won’t see on your morning stroll.

1. Azawakh

This sighthound, originally from Mali, is used as a guard dog and pack hunter.

2. Central Asian Ovcharka

This shepherd dog, known for its protectiveness, is popular in Russia. Both its ears and tail are often cropped.

3. Cirneco dell’Etna

This Sicilian hunting dog is known for its ability to endure harsh conditions, which makes sense, as it originated near Mt. Etna, an active volcano.

4. Clumber Spaniel

This gundog, bred for hunting game in heavy cover, was a favorite of Prince Albert.

5. Dutch Smoushond

This breed almost disappeared in World War II, this rare breed is typically not found outside the Netherlands. Its name comes from its furry face; heavy-bearded Jewish men in the 1800’s were called “Smouzen,” apparently.

6. Istrian Coarse-haired Hound

This Croatian scent hound is known for being hard to train. It can hunt a variety of game, including wild boar.

7. Xoloitzcuintli

This Mexican hairless dog (portrayed above with its coated counterpart) was sacred to the Aztecs. It almost went extinct until a breed revival program was started to save it in the 1950’s.

8. Mioritic

This Romanian dog, bred for guarding livestock, can weigh up to 140 lbs.

9. Pungsan

This North Korean dog is rarely observed outside the country. Its thick fur makes it resistant to the cold winters, especially up in the mountains where it has been used for hunting Siberian tigers.

10. Russkiy Toy

This Russian dog was almost wiped out after the October Revolution due to its link with the aristocracy.

11. Sealyham Terrier

Originally from Wales, this small breed was once the toast of Hollywood, owned by Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Bette Davis, and others. However, its popularity has since declined. In 2008, only 43 puppies were registered in the UK.

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