7 Seedy Songs You Shouldn’t Ever Sing Out Loud [NSFW]

…Well you can if you must, but don’t do it in public. Seriously, please don’t.

1. “Sandwiches” - Detroit Grand Pubahs

The only reason you should walk around muttering the lyrics to this, is if you try to recreate the creepy sounding voice from the song. ….That makes it so much worse.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

2. “What What In The Butt” - Samwell

The song is creepy, but the video definitely makes it creepier. Still, I’m sure no one wants to hear about you wanting to be done in the butt… Unless that’s what you genuinely want.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

3. “Pregnant Pussy” - UGK

This is where shit gets real. (Well, actually, hopefully not. Hopefully NEVER.) I feel gross even thinking about the title.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

4. “Smell Yo Dick” - Riskay

This song is hilariously weird - mainly because of Riskay (who sounds like a charming and balanced young woman) and her emotional conviction to smelling her boyfriend’s penis.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

5. “Fuk U In The Ass” - Outhere Brothers

Once used in an amazingly hilarious commercial for the Soesman Language Institute, this song really shouldn’t be sung out loud, ever. I tell you this from experience.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

6. “White Hot Cum” - Liz Phair

The most disturbing thing about this song, is that if you completely ignored the lyrics, the song sounds like such a happy-go-lucky schoolgirl-eque ballad about boyfriends and sunshine and loving life. Listening to it WILL get it stuck in your head, and you WILL find yourself singing it around the house. …Once again, I speak from experience.

Because no one wants to hear you say:

7. “The Douchebag Mashup” - Hiteryan

We all know to avoid artists like these:

Justin Bieber
Rebecca Black

But in this case, some lunatic has complied a single song with ALL OF THEM.


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