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    Artist David Choe Is Seriously Giving Away $100,000 In A Contest

    He found it under a "pile of comics," so he's giving it away in a scavenger hunt of wild proportions.

    Artist and former gambler David Choe found $100,000 in his room today and decided to give it away via an Instagram contest he has dubbed "Critter's Cross Country Cash Contest." The terms of the contest have yet to be defined, and Choe plans to make up the rules as he goes. To verify that he means business, Choe has updated his website to reflect these changes. The excerpt below is featured at the bottom of his home page:

    i haven't gambled in 2 years , but i haven't cleaned my room in 7 years. Since being let go from all my mainstream media jobs I had a lot more free time on my hands , and decided to finaly clean my hoarders room. And in the same way some of you might find delight in finding 20 dollars in some old hidden jeans, I found an old shoebox with $100,000 from my old gambling days under a pile of comics and cum rags.

    According to Choe, those who play by the rules and check his social media accounts and website regularly will have a chance at the lump sum of cash. Choe says he will reveal the next steps once he knows what they are.

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