Woman Arrested In Connection To Green Paint Vandalism

According to reports a woman has been arrested in connection to the recent vandalism of Washington, D.C. landmarks. The vandalism started late last week with the Lincoln Memorial, and then today green paint was found elsewhere.

1. This is the Lincoln Memorial after the vandal hit it.

The Lincoln Memorial was the first victim of the green paint splatter, causing it to be closed to the public for 12 hours while workers cleaned off the paint.

Despite their best efforts some paint still lingers on the momument.

2. Paint was found today in the National Cathedral.

Still wet paint was found poured over an organ in the Cathedral’s Bethlehem Chapel, the oldest and most historic section of the National Cathedral.

Paint was also found in the children’s chapel portion of the church, and the entire Cathedral was closed as a result.

3. Paint was also found at the base of a statue of Joseph Henry Monday morning.

In addition a statue of Joseph Henry in front of the Smithsonian was found to be vandalized Monday morning.

4. Woman arrested in connection to the vandalism.

Reports say a woman has been arrested in connection to the vandalism at the National Cathedral, but it has yet to be determined if all three are connected.

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