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24 Vines That Prove Barbra Streisand Is The Original Queen Bee

Beyoncé who? #BowDownToBabs

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1. She'll snatch your wig with her voice. / Via

Yassss Babs! I'm bald.

2. She refuses to be a victim.

She's discussing why she wasn't nominated for a Best Director Oscar for her film The Prince of Tides. #SheWasRobbed

3. She doesn't put up with hecklers.

Her 2006 MSG show #TellEmBabs

4. Her catalogue is LEGENDARY.

5. Legends praise her.

The greatest moment in television history. Barbra on The Judy Garland Show. October 1963.

6. Platinum suits her well.

Barbra > Your faves

7. She delivers lines like a boss.

The shaaaaade.

8. People worship her.

9. Her hardware is impeccable.

10. Accolades for days, hunty.

She's one of the very few to win the EGOT... Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

11. This:

"I can't stand the fact that women are still, in a sense, second class citizens"

12. Her dancing's on point.

"My name is MELINDA!"

13. She loves food.

"Food is love"

14. She appeals to younger generations.

15. She doesn't put up with nonsense.


16. She's ALWAYS on fleek.


17. She's a true artist.

She painted Oprah's mic off-white to match her off-white sweater ... #Boss

18. She's "The Greatest Star."

The ONLY entertainer to win Oscars for acting and songwriting.

19. She gives out great career advice.

Never sing a Streisand standard in front of Barbra... #nevah

20. She's unbothered by the haters.

21. She's NEVER basic.

Basic bitches not wanted

22. She can kick ass.

23. She's often imitated, but NEVER duplicated.

R.I.P. Robin

24. Most importantly, she's an inspiration to many.

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