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    31 Products From Walmart That'll Help Give Your Home The Glow-Up It Deserves

    Temporary tiles, convertible chairs, and bedside trays your home is missing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bamboo bedside tray so you never have to search the trenches of your bed for the remote ever again.

    The bedside tray in use

    Price: $58.77

    2. A convertible chair, because it can become a chaise lounge or bed for prime movie night comfort. With the blush tone you even get a subtle pop of color that'll liven up the space a bit.

    The pink convertible chair

    Promising review: “This chair is exactly what I was looking for my very small office space! The color is amazing and can fit at least two to three kids or two petite people. Great for guests and folds nicely! Highly recommended!” — Melanie

    Price: $319 (originally $400; available in four colors)

    3. A peel-and-stick tile set that’ll give your kitchen a Tuscan look without a major home renovation...or the price of a flight to Italy. If you outgrow the style one day, you can easily take them off and replace them for a totally new look.

    The tiles in use

    Promising review: “Easy to update to my kitchen. Looks great as the new backsplash without overwhelming it. Easy to apply an to move. No problems with it sticking and staying up.” —Vanessa

    Price: $14.99 (originally $17.50) for a four-pack

    4. A set of scalloped tassel napkins for when you want to throw yourself a fancy little dinner party. They're also reusable so you can enjoy your meal knowing your home is a little more eco-friendly.

    The napkins on table

    Promising review:” I absolutely love these napkins. The scalloped edges and tassel detail just make them plus I love that they are different colors so I can mix it up and use and reuse however I want, not just for one holiday” —Ksmcc

    Price: $24 for six

    5. A piece of framed rose art, because it’s the perfect contrast against darker paint colors but will also sit pretty in warmer spaces.

    The framed art hanging

    Promising review: “I love this rose picture! The frame is a really pretty gold/bronze and it complements the color of the rose really well. My favorite part is that the matting area is clear, makes it look really modern and unique when otherwise the rose/frame combo could read older. Also a good size to fit in to the rest of my wall art.” —ThankUCats

    Price: $36

    6. A wooden credenza that’ll even double as a TV stand in your living room. Plus, the sides are adjustable so you can make the piece fit into your space.

    The credenza in use

    Price: $219 (originally $250)

    7. A decorative pillow so you don’t have to decide between leather or woven pillows. The neutral tones make it easy to pair it with other designs and colors for an eclectic feel yet styled vibe.

    The pillow on couch

    Promising review: “Love this pillow! It looks expensive and is great quality. Looks fantastic in my family room. Unbelievable price!” —TracyB

    Price: $20

    8. A bathroom accessory set for when you're talking yourself through your skincare routine like your favorite influencers and want your followers to think your powder room looks like a fancy hotel. We've all been there.

    The bathroom accessory set

    Price: $15.50 (originally $24.90; available in two colors)

    9. A barware and glassware starter set, because you’ll be stocked for any happy hour that comes your way. Until then, they’ll make for a great display in your cabinets.

    The barware set

    Promising review: "The quality of the bar and glassware in this set is very nice and stylishly designed. The mixer with the drink recipes on the sides is an awesome addition to the set! The price only makes this set that much nicer! Highly recommend this set for its quality AND price!” —ThisbusyMom

    Price: $50.43 for four martini glasses, four wine glasses, four beer glasses, four shot glasses, a mixing glass and a stainless-steel strainer

    10. A set of over-the-toilet shelves that’ll create extra space in your bathroom. You can either keep them closed for storage or keep them open to display decor.

    The shelves in use

    Price: $77.87

    11. A file folder desk organizer so you can get your WFH situation in order and in style. Your unorganized pile of paperwork will thank you later.

    The folder organizer

    Price: $18.11

    12. A programmable coffee brewer for when you want to ensure you’ll wake up to a fresh cup every morning before the headache hits.

    The coffee maker on kitchen counter

    Price: $79

    13. A coffee table with a lift top because it acts as storage, a table, and an extra WFH set up all in one. Talk about multitasking.

    The coffee table in use

    Promising review: “I love that it is versatile and can be switched from a coffee table to a computer table. The color is great and goes well with my other furniture. Also, the hidden storage is perfect.” — CC

    Price: $115.99

    14. A fringe basket that'll store extra pillows, blankets, toys, and any other mess you want to hide away and deal with later.

    The basket in use

    Promising review: “I am in love with the MoDRN Natural Boho Water Hyacinth Fringe Basket! The quality is impressive and the basket has a beautiful rope design. My favorite feature is the white fringes all around the basket. It gives an extra flair of style and brightens up the room. I use it for my blankets as it sits next to the couch but this would be a great basket for a faux tree as well. I am excited to use this throughout the spring and summer season!” —ReviewRunner

    Price: $50

    15. A marble shelf liner so you can protect your shelves and make them appear way more expensive than they really were.

    The liner on a shelf

    Price: $5.62 + (available in two sizes)

    16. An extra-wide floral toaster for when you want to start your Sunday morning with a perfectly toasted bagel. When you're not using it, though, you can keep it on your counter as decor.

    The toaster in use

    Promising review: “This is a cute toaster that does the job perfectly. I honestly worried about the busy pattern standing out in my kitchen, but somehow it blends right in. I'm glad I bought it!” —Sarah

    Price: $23.99 (originally $39.96)

    17. A digital alarm clock, because you can choose the lighting based on your mood. There's even a guided breathing mode so you're guaranteed to relax, unwind, and forget that you totally took a call during your Zoom meeting while your mic was on.

    The alarm clock with a glow

    Price: $25.55 (originally $29.04)

    18. A tufted office chair that’ll turn your home office into a glam set-up you’ll love to be in all day. It's adjustable, too, so you can have optimal comfort while you work.

    The office chair in use

    Price: $154.98

    19. A vanity pedestal tray so you know your jewelry is safe and sound and *not* in the drain while you’re washing up for bed.

    The vanity pedestal tray in use

    Price: $15.24 (originally $19.99)

    20. A three-drawer chest for when you want to trade in the drawers you've been holding onto since college for a fashion-forward way to store clothing.

    The chest in use

    Promising review: “BEAUTIFUL chest. I'm in love with this furniture piece. It's elegant, strong and durable. The color is exactly as seen. No problems with the shipping. Price is right on the money. What an awesome item.” —Nuryloo

    Price: $320

    21. A lightweight sherpa throw blanket, because it’ll brighten up your space and keep you warm during the winter months.

    The blanket draped on couch

    Promising review: “They mean extra plush when they say extra plush! This blanket is SO soft you can help but want to wrap yourself in it all day. I used it to make a rug and now my feet are caressed every time I step out my bed onto the floor. Thank you Mainstays for making this incredible blanket sooo affordable!” —KAnna01

    Price: $8.88 (available in seven colors)

    22. A set of three vases that’ll give you a good excuse to buy the fresh flowers you’ve been eyeing at the farmer’s market. You can either spread them around the space or style the set together for an elevated look.

    The three vases on table

    Promising review: “I bought these for a bare space on my fireplace hearth. These look even nicer than the photos and work perfectly for the space.” —Tommi

    Price: $57.80

    23. A table lamp so you can place it on your nightstand and have optimal lighting while you read. It's also a subtle way to try out that industrial trend you've been eyeing but aren't ready to go all-in on yet.

    The table lamp in use

    Promising review: “Perfect size for side table. Light places a warm glow in the room but does not overpower the room with a bright light. Elegant in appearance.” —Jordah

    Price: $39.24 (originally $46.99)

    24. A chic mini fridge for when you want to keep a stock of water and face masks in your room at all times. You deserve it.

    The mini fridge on display

    Promising review: “The Personal Chiller 6-Can LED Lighted Mini Fridge with Glass Door K6100BK, Black is a great product. With it's warm and cool features it allows for versatility and is compact enough to put anywhere. The car adapter is great, it works better than a cooler for traveling.” —Blameo1410

    Price: $29.88

    25. A gold bookcase, because you can curate your favorite odds and ends like a store. You can even style two of them together for a symmetrical look.

    The bookcases in use

    Promising review: “I love how this bookcase looks in my living room. It is perfect for a small apartment like mine. It was fairly easy to put together; I did it myself in under an hour. The finish is matte and it looks expensive.” —Valentina

    Price: $109.99

    26. A home theater projector that’ll make it easy to get the full movie theater experience from your couch…or your backyard viewing situation. All you need is popcorn.

    The projector in use

    Promising review: “While I'm very new to this type of technology I found this very easy to put together and set up! My son has autism and we camped out last night and used the projector to watch movies on our screen I mounted on the side of my garage. We had such fun! Wait until after dark for the best quality! I would definitely recommend to anyone new to home projectors!” —Hollie

    Price: $79

    27. A mirrored vanity set so you can get ready for your next Zoom date with ease. There’s even a hidden compartment so you can throw your make up in it and make the space look neat and tidy.

    The vanity set in use

    Price: $240.18 (originally $281.99)

    28. A console table for when you need somewhere to put your keys and actually be able to find them on your way out the door. The unique structure even makes it look like an interior designer put the space together so get ready for tons of compliments.

    The console table in use

    Promising review: “This wonderfully modern table fits our entry perfectly. It's not too deep, the color is great and adds a lot of interest as well as function so that we can have a place to set things as we go in and out. It's a great value for the money. Quality is good for the price.” —Terio

    Price: $193

    29. A metal wall shelf, because the design itself is a glam piece of decor but it’s also the perfect spot for plans, photos, and other little odds and ends.

    The wall shelf on display

    Promising review: “Perfect! I liked it so much I ordered another one!” — B

    Price: $74.80

    30. An adjustable bed base that’ll allow you to select the most comfortable position with a remote. Say goodbye to any sleep-related aches and pains and hello to your new BFF.

    The adjustable bed in use

    Promising review: “My mom LOVES her new bed. Her hips and knees feel so much better and sleeps a lot more comfortably at night and for longer time. Will absolutely refer this bed to anyone looking for a better bed and a greater night's sleep.” — Crystal

    Price: $279.68+ (available in four sizes)

    31. A Tasty 16-piece cookware set that’ll stock your kitchen with all your cooking essentials. The aluminum set even guarantees optimum heat distribution so cooking is fast, even, and just how you want it.

    The cookware set

    This is part of BuzzFeed's Tasty collection, exclusively at Walmart.

    Promising review: “I am an avid Tasty videos watcher so I put a lot of trust in what they do and come up with. This cookware looks and feels amazing! Great addition to my kitchen. No worry nonstick innovation! It’s a set you will never just ignore lying around dirty. It’s the one you respect and take care of! Delivery is about three days earlier than expected. Love it!” —Ldguy

    Price: $69 for an 8-inch fry pan, 9.5-inch fry pan, 1.5-quart saucepan with glass lid, 2.5-quart saucepan with glass lid, 3-quart sauté pan with glass lid, 6-quart stockpot with glass lid, slotted turner, serving spoon with measuring marks, 3 ceramic bowls (2-ounce, 4-ounce and 6-ounce) and recipe booklet.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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