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    15 Wild Things People Caught Their Friends Doing After They Moved In With Them

    "She refused to use spoons." Why, though?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the weirdest things they learned about their friends after moving in with them, and the results are pretty wild.

    The roommates on "New Girl" sit on the couch together and watch TV.


    My roommate showers in the dark while sitting on a milk crate.



    I had roommates in college who would never bring their keys or lock the door. Then, they would get mad when I locked the door before going to bed. I stopped opening the door at 3 a.m. when they came home so they had to sit in the hall.


    Betty from "Riverdale" with a confused and disgusted face


    My roommate could not finish a jar of salsa to save her life. In our fridge at any time, we had seven half-opened jars of salsa, and when I asked why she didn't finish them, she said she didn't want to get her hands dirty by reaching in the jar.



    A few years ago, I lived with my friend, who I very quickly learned that he liked to pee outside. Like just stand on the patio and pee off it. In the middle of the day.



    My roommate would call her mom every night and put it on speaker, and I would hear her mom ask in detail about her shower, “Did you clean behind your ears? Did you wipe your butt real well? Did you shave?” Like seriously?



    I love my best friend, but when we lived together, she used to leave used floss around the living room everywhere. Move a pillow? Floss. Move a paper? Floss. But, her dental hygiene was great so like, could’ve been worse.


    Luther from "Umbrella Academy" looks confused


    My one and only roommate I've ever had was 10 years older than what he said he was and his mom paid for everything.



    When I moved in with my friend, I thought it would be a snap, but he forgot to mention that he gets night terrors and is very vocal about it. I came rushing into his bedroom with a bat ready to strike, thinking someone broke in — little did I know it was a dream.



    My boyfriend's best friend moved in with us, and he keeps his beer in his room and drinks it at room temperature. Also, he doesn’t refrigerate his ranch. I'm really concerned he’s going to die one day from it.



    One of my roommates labeled each individual orange cutie with “B,” her first initial. Who does that? Yet, she had no qualms about using any of my things.



    I moved in with my best friend a couple years ago and quickly learned that she refuses to use spoons. Not for her pudding, not for her cereal, and not even for her soup.


    Oscar from "The Office" looks upset.


    50% of his diet was noodles. He'd eat butter noodles or plain noodles with some melted American cheese and pepper. He was grossed out when I tried to show him alfredo sauce. He also wanted to show me something he "invented," which he called butter cheese bread. It was literally a grilled cheese sandwich.



    My roommate puts brown sugar in her spaghetti, like, a gross amount of brown sugar in her spaghetti. But she thinks people are crazy for mixing brown sugar with sweet potatoes.



    One of my old roommates had a habit of drinking cranberry juice straight from the bottle (like the 1.5L ocean spray bottle) and carrying the bottle around the house with her. You always knew where she had been right before leaving the house because that’s where the juice bottle would land!


    Winston on "New Girl" looking confused.


    I moved in with a now ex-friend/roommate, and found out he didn’t use toilet paper. I always thought he had just run out any other time I had been over. After I moved in, he commented that he’d have to start buying TP again now that a female was in the house.