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    If You've Seen All 3 "To All The Boys" Movies Than These 8 Quizzes Are For You

    I would have picked John Ambrose, just sayin.

    "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" hat box full of letters with the words "To All The Boys" Quizzes

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes about To All The Boys three films β€” in one place for your convenience. You're welcome in advance.

    1. To All The Boys: Always And Forever Just Came Out β€” How Well Do You Remember The First Two Movies


    TATB is the holy trinity of films and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Take the quiz here.

    2. Wanna Know Which To All The Boys I've Loved Before Guy Is Your Soulmate? Choose Some Food To Find Out

    Lara Jean kissing Peter K.'s cheek in "TATB" with a stack of pancakes
    Netflix / Getty

    Love is in the air! Who do you belong with? Take the quiz here.

    3. Everybody Has A To All The Boys 2 Character That Matches Their Personality β€” What's Yours?

    Lara Jean and Stormy from "TATB" with a smiling heart eye face

    I don't know about you but I give off some strong Stormy vibes. Take the quiz here.

    4. Pick Some Outfits To Find Out What Percent Lara Jean You Are

    Lara Jean looks concerned at a table on the left with an array of fall clothing items on the right
    Netflix / Getty

    We can only dream of being 100% Lara Jean. Take the quiz here.

    5. Do You Belong With Peter K. Or John Ambrose McClaren?

    Lara Jean dancing with John Ambrose and Lara Jean looking up at Peter K.

    This is the question it took Lara Jean an entire movie to answer and you can do it in one simple quiz! Take the quiz here.

    6. Are Your To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You Opinions The Same As Everybody Else's?

    Peter and John Ambrose with the words "Team Peter Kavinsky or Team John Ambrose?"

    How do you really feel about the hot tub scene in To All The Boys I've Loved Before? Take the quiz here.

    8. Let's See Which Lara Jean Outfit Would Suit You Best

    Lara Jean wearing blue dress and floral coat and Lara Jean wearing fancy red dress with bows

    If you aren't obsessed with Lara Jean's wardrobe then you're doing it wrong. Take the quiz here.

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