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    16 Things That Are Annoyingly Relatable If You've Ever Worked Retail

    Do you have this in the back?

    1. When customers can't seem to understand that you will never give away stock for free.

    *item doesn’t scan* customer: oH iT mUsT bE fReE tHeN me and my co worker:

    2. And when they act like prices are negotiable.

    Why people come in a high end retail store and try to barter with the sales associates is BEYOND me. Like, lady! I don’t make these prices! This ain’t no yard sale! #retailstruggles

    3. When they ask for the manager, as if they're going to get a different answer.

    Me behind my manager when they tell the angry customer the EXACT same thing I said

    4. When customers feel the need to touch everything in the store.

    #dearcustomer If you’re not gonna buy anything then REFRAIN FROM TOUCHING EVERYTHING YOU SEE! Unfolding all the clothes to see your size doesn’t help anyone and makes me want to drop our 300 year old register on your head #retailstruggles #retailproblems

    5. And when they don't realize they are creating 10 times more work for you.

    This is why I dislike people. Just stocked and straightened this on Monday 🤬#retailprobs

    6. When customers think that they can scare you by calling corporate.

    Customer: I’m calling corporate Me:

    7. When customers treat you like their own personal assistant.

    If a customer yells “hey!” at me from across the entire store and motions me over with their finger, I pretend I didn’t hear them.. because where the F*CK are your manners holy crap I am not your servant. #retailprobs

    8. When customers want you to provide answers for things that are out of your control.

    👺"will you have these in a few weeks?" 💁🏻🔮 let me check my fucking crystal ball! #retailproblems #idiotcustomers

    9. When you can no longer hear an Ed Sheeran song without wanting to scream.

    Sometimes I hear songs that played when I worked in retail and I get PTSD

    10. When people think you are purposely hiding everything in the back.

    customer: “can you check in the back?” me, in the back:

    11. When people clearly do not understand how service jobs work.

    Everyone who works in customer service should legally be allowed to fight one customer a year.

    12. When customers tell you their life stories while you're just trying to do your job.

    Working in retail was wild, people just tell you things about their personal life and you just stand there... Not knowin' how to respond to “I'm going to a funeral” or “I’m getting a divorce” like that sucks… $13.48 is your total.

    13. When they have absolutely no understanding of how closing works.

    customers outside the store a few minutes after we just cIosed:

    14. Every time a customer says this and thinks they're being witty and unique.

    Customer: “working hard or hardly working??? haha” Me:

    15. When they are under the impression that they don't have to treat you with any respect.

    I’d like you all to be aware that I called a 70 year old customer “good boy” after he called me a good girl in work and the look on his face was truly worth getting patronised in the first place

    16. And finally, when customers come between you and your work BFF.

    when my coworker and I are having a conversation and a customer interrupts us

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